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The band section contains the essence of the Metallica; their history, the awards bestowed upong them, the members both past and present and their individual biographies. MetPage has gathered information from around the net to bring you the latest and greatest and most up-to-date Metallica Story.  Hopefully even the most knowledgeable Metallica buffs will find something new!

Every site has a band history, so we took it a step further by making is as concise and as up to date as possible. The  history is divided by eras as defined by the making of and promoting of each album. It focuses on the highs and lows that defines the band's success story.  Take a trip down the memory lane that celebrates Metallica's history and enjoy the story about a small garage band that conquered the world!
 The 1980's    The 1990's   The 2000's    The 2010's  
vioicons_awards Over the years Metallica has been recognized for the musical gineus by being nominated for and awareded such prestigeious awards an The American Music Awards, The Grammys,  and The MTV Video Music Awards cluminating with Metallica being inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. See a complete list of awards and nominations received by Metallica here on the Music and Video Awards Page

Band Member's Biographies


Lars Ulrich

The man, the myth, the spine that kept the Metalli-train running throughout the past three decades. Powerhouse, double bass, and pounding rhythms to the often referred to as tin can drumming on St. Anger, Lar's drumming has been the back bone of Metallica's music. Fighting congress, Axl, and Napster while writing set lists in between, Lars’ history paves the course that kept the band going and growing to become the mega band they are today.


James Hetfield

The front man that leads with a now calm voice and presence that inspires awe in others. Aggressive on the stage, he rules the microphone and writes solid riffs that just crunch. James' history paves the rocky course of aggression, alcoholism and a re-birth into a family man and solid source of leadership for the band as he lead Metallica into the 21st Century and their place in Rock 'n Roll History.


Kirk Hammett

The ripper, the surfer, the “hey guys, come on, lets work this out!” zen master of the group. From early on Kirk's solos made quite the impression on the metal world as his "signature" is quite distinct and easily recognizable. With lessons from Joe Satriani, his technical abilities grew throughout the mid-80s. Technical, creative and innovative, Kirk is a master of the strings. Listen for the scream of his guitar on the band’s up-coming new album!


Robert Trujilllo

When Rob was a member of Suicidal Tendencies back in the mid-90's and toured with Metallica, he was just in awe. Ten years later he received the dream call to audition for the band.  He nailed every song they threw at him with his finger picken’ style that brought back the essence of Cliff’s style of playing. Look for some jungle crazy bass lines as Rob's song writing abilities will debut on the next album!

BioIcons_PastMembers.jpg Throughout the years, Metallica has gone through a couple bass players and guitarists to get to where they are currently. Without them Metallica wouldn’t be where they are today.  Find out who they were and how they were associated with the band.